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With a heart to honor God and the people, Arius Lauren Raposas has faithfully served in the executive and the legislative branches of government in the Philippines. He finished a bachelor’s degree in history (magna cum laude) and a master’s degree in public administration (thesis track) at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Besides his academic and research work, he has authored a number of literary works through the years, a roster that includes Code Antony (2010), Run to the Sky (2017), Countdown to Inferno (2020), Kotabahara: The City of God (2020), Muni: Dream Princess (2020), and this book you now possess.

He has shared knowledge related to his expertise through national and international media appearances. In addition, he has established presence in social media, where his history website called Filipino Historian (2012) reaches an average of around a million people each day.


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