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Udayakumar DS is a passionate cricketer, avid reader, and also happens to be a doctor. He is a perfectly imperfect guy or an imperfectly perfect guy. He sincerely hopes to make some difference in the lives of people with his books. He lives in Gurugram, but mostly he lives in any one of his imaginary worlds as a child prodigy in a wheelchair, or as a nameless retired doctor living in solitude, or one of the Orphaned orphans with a pseudonym, or a deadly companion or the dead billionaire. He could also be the love birds, IKLU and LeMA, in this book. Or worse, he could be imagining himself as the squirrel, GoD. Weird guy.

You can follow him on Twitter @docukscribbles or send your feedback to docukscribbles@gmail.com.    


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