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Meghana Prakash can usually be found reading a book with her  cup of hibiscus tea, curled up in a corner at her house in Mysore.  She has been awarded six gold medals in Engineering and is  currently working as a Product Strategist for a leading startup  in India. Being a Metaverse and Web3.0 enthusiast, she has co-  founded her own startup. With camera in one hand and heart full  of humor, Meghana brings characters into life on stage. 

Mridula Prakash was born in a small village in Maharashtra and  spent most of her life in Mysore. She is pursuing her Master’s in  system design and management from the Massachusetts Institute  of Technology (MIT). She has also completed her executive 
management certification from Kellogg-Northwestern University  and the Indian School of Business (ISB). She works as a Senior  Manager in a leading technology company. Her other talents  include accidentally making people laugh and gardening.


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