Colin Turner

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Colin Turner's work is published in 45 languages and include the international No. 1 Born to Succeed, The Teachings of Yen Tzu, Secret Service & A Brave New Business World.

Thought-Leader and Keynote Speaker his ideas have inspired millions and directly influenced 1000s of businesses.

Serial entrepreneur & investor he has co-founded enterprises in property, services, leisure, entertainment, food and retail.

Trusted Advisor & Mentor to CEOs he introduces Strategic Game-Changers that transform businesses.

Former President of a NASDAQ company, his CEO bullet is read by 5000 CEOs.

Former Chairman of Angels Den Advisory Board: a leading alternative finance company that matches entrepreneurs with experienced angel investors.

Emeritus Professor he is the Creator of The Psychology of Corporate Entrepreneurship and The 1% Solution.

His articles appear on Sky, Bloomberg, the FT and Business Journals.

Under the name C. G. Turner he writes business-thrillers.


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