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Gaurav Dashputra is a born storyteller (read liar) and the author of the widely-acclaimed book And Then it Rained. He has finished his MBBS from Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Mumbai.

Originally from Nagpur, he currently resides in Mumbai. He is presently learning the art of cinematography from Whistling Woods International.


Interview With Gaurav Dashputra

Nagpur born medical student Gaurav Dashputra is a talented young author. Bollywood movie freak Gaurav is currently living in Mumbai and plans to settle down there. “And Then It Rained…” is Gaurav’s debut novel.

Congratulations on the release of your first book “And then it rained”. What kind of response you are receiving?

Thanks a lot. The response from all the readers has been heartwarming. With all the mails and friend requests I have been getting on Facebook…it certainly is like a dream come true.

The title is very interesting. How did you hit upon it?

Well there was this one night when I was lying on my bed in October 2010 just before going off to sleep I pictured a scene in my head. That scene is what led to the complete ATIR coming into existence, right from the title to the story. Nothing would have happened if it wasn’t for that scene.

Do you miss Nagpur?

I have a lot of fond memories of Nagpur. Have spent all my childhood there and Nagpur is associated with a lot of nostalgia of growing up. And when I do go home I find a lot of peace there. From open roads to the evenings by the lake.

Those tapir’s that serve chai. I miss a lot of outstanding food joints. So every time I go back home I make it a point to meet some close friends and do all these things. There is a hardcore Nagpur that still resides somewhere inside me.

Tell us something about your journey from being a doctor to an aspiring author…

Well you know the transition has been a little shaky one. When you talk about studying MBBS it is always linked with long study hours and all. But I always have been drawn towards the creative side of life.

My mom thinks I am the greatest mugger ever but somehow I personally haven’t enjoyed mugging. Writing I think over the time has started coming naturally to me. And that combined with the fact that I have a lot of stories to tell makes the job a little easy.

In your acknowledgement you have mentioned Shah rush Khan’s name. Do you want to become an actor like him?

I think you cannot achieve anything if your dreams are small. So why should I limit my aspirations to just becoming an actor like him. I want to be a Superstar like him.

What motivates you to write this particular story?

I don’t think there are any motivations. When I write something I take a very different approach. There is always a scene that I think of or a title that I think of and then I try to build the entire story around them. So when that happened to me I pictured the prologue and then build my story around it.

It is a love story with an unconventional end. Was it a conscious decision for a tragic end?

I don’t think terming the book as a love story is appropriate. Because this book has everything. Love, Breakups, tragedy, comedy, friendships. So it is basically Aman Sarin’s Life story. And no there was no decision that the end had to be the way it is. Thing just fell into place and I am happy with the way they worked out.

Why did you make Aman so rude in the later part? Why did he choose to disassociate from everyone when he certainly needed the loved ones around?

Year by asking questions like these you are ruining the story for the readers (laughs). But on a more serious note. I think that every person has a different way of dealing with situations.

The way I react to a particular situation may it be grief, sorrow, happiness or anything can be very different from the way you or for that matter anyone else would react in the same circumstances. So it is a very individual choice.

Why ‘Preethi’ was just portrayed as emotionless ‘partner’?  Readers did not get much from this character apart from being Aman’s ‘play toy’. Why is that so?

I again think that the perception of Preethi would really depend upon your way at looking at things.  As you put it people may look at her as just Aman’s Fuck buddy but from the way I am see things, I think she is the most emotionally strong character in the book.

She was in love with Aman but at the end of the book with the way things turn out she is the one who loses everything. No one knows of her existence and she gets no answers as to what really happened. I think if I ever write a sequel to ATIR then it would definitely be Preethi’s story. I personally love her. 

In your view what is the main reason for breaking-ups of so many long distance relationships?

I think times have changed very drastically. Way before cell phones were invented people used to be in relationships and they would not meet each other or talk to each other for months together. Imagine how tough it must have been for them.

It is shocking that even with all the advances like cell phones and Skype people find it difficult to maintain long distance relationships. We have grown in to an instant generation. Where we need everything instantly. Nothing is worth the wait.

With all our mental horizons broadening, our emotional horizons are shrinking. The way people put themselves before others and the words like trust, honesty and belief just existing in our books is according to me the reason why relationships don’t work out these days.

The uncanny similarity between author and the protagonist Aman is very much evident in the book. So you tell us how much Aman is Gaurav?

If you see the achievement of Aman and his likes and dislikes then Aman is 100% equal to Gaurav. But if you see personality wise and story wise then he is nothing like me.

Are the other central characters based on real persons?

There is a huge resemblance character wise of Krishi, Madhur and Aisha to my closest friends. I find them to be the coolest people alive and they make living worthwhile.  But apart from that all other characters are a work of pure fiction.

In your view what is ‘love’ and do you think that people really able to ‘move on’?

Love is the most awesome thing that can happen to anyone. I suggest everyone should try it once because when it happens, no words, no books and no movies can describe it. There is a very fine line that differentiates love from infatuation.

I read somewhere that if you can be with a person for more than 4 months then it is love and not infatuation. I don’t know how much of that psychobabble is true but I think that if you love a person you can never truly move on. Somethings will always take you back and make you remember all the times that you spent together. And if you manage to move on then trust me friends, its infatuation not love.

If you were given the choice of re-writing this book, would you prefer a different end?

Nope, I wouldn’t change it even if someone paid me for doing it. I think the end is the very soul of the book and that is what really defines and explains everything that happens in it. I find it perfect.

Tell us something about your future plans? Have you already started planning for your next book?

Oh yes, as a matter of fact I have already started writing my next book. With that one I am planning to write a more lively and upbeat story which will be very different from ATIR. And after that I have plans to write a fantasy fiction trilogy. So a lot of things are there in the pipeline. Hope everything works well.

What kind of support you are getting?

My parents are very supportive. They are finally coming to terms with the fact that I am a duffer who does not like studying and only has unrealistic dreams. (laughs) No but really I am very thankful to them for their support. Apart from that all my readers and friends on Facebook and otherwise are really a strong driving force that makes me want to write to make them happy.

What interests you other than writing?

Apart from writing I just love playing video games and watching movies. If I am not writing, sleeping, eating or studying then I am mostly playing some game with my pals or am watching a movie at home. I am a huge soccer fan too so I like watching some games every now and then.

Any message for readers who would buy your books…

First of all I would like to thank them for choosing ATIR over so many other books. Then I would like to tell them that they are the wisest people alive and they have made a very smart choice because no matter how you find it,

ATIR will not disappoint you and it would not seem like you wasted your money. I can guaran-damn-tee than. And if after reading it you would like to contact me. You can mail me or add me on Facebook. I would really love to hear from you.

Thanks Gaurav for your time!  Wish you all the best!   

Thanks a lot Sushmita. Thanks for having me.

That was Gaurav Dashputra! In a candid interview with Sushmita Bose the debutant author expressed his happiness over the response which he is receiving though his debut novel ‘And Then It Rained…”.  Spectral hues wishes him glorious success and hopes he would come up with many more remarkable books.

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