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Uday Kagal

Are we naturally brutish or collaborative? The West has consistently argued for the former and imposed ‘civilization’ onto the world. But that was s...



A true recording of the sojourn of Jay, in general, from being a wastrel, an orphan, guided by unknown powers on a path which ended at the levels he had set out...


Vishal Chaudhary

The book describes the thoughts & things going inside the mind of the Yogi who is sitting & meditating at one place & what he feels every time he op...


Vivek S Patwardhan

Lulu has brought alive many dilemmas and questions that have resided in my mind from time to time! Wit and wisdom in a pithy form is a rarity. That's exactl...



Fables, musings, and prophecies for, had the universe known the secrets, it would have never appointed you. For, now that you are here, the universe is completi...



‘never give up, my dear. Run for your life; people are chasing’ said my mom. ‘we can never expect what would happen to us in this cruel world....


Vishal Gupta

This book is to motivate an ordinary common man to come forward to fulfill his dreams. The book has a very simple language so that everyone can understand and i...


Vinod K Gujral

The Di(e)lemma is the story of strangest mid life crisis involving a couple routed by The Fringe Damage of a corporate espionage scandal…To Die for or Li...


Various Authors

From the intimate to pure fantasy, from first person experiences to travelogues, Potluck is a collection of stories and reflections by a group of Mumbai-based w...


Seema Sharma

This book, "poetic reveries" Is all about the poignant feelings of a layman. Based on a myriad of themes like optimism, tranquillity, world peace, lov...


Mudit Mishra

The book is the outcome of my empiricism. It's an example of how people can channelise their overthinking. Yes, I have exposed my thoughts through it and pi...



An ambitious history that is trying to fulfil its intention by destroying the present in hope of a beautiful future. The author creates magic using mystery &...