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Sayan Panda

In the enchanting world of "Adventures Abound" prepare to embark on a captivating journey filled with wonder, excitement, and boundless imaginat...


Ruth Plumly Thompson

Return to L. Frank Baum’s wonderful world of Oz with this illustrated children’s book series. The Scarecrow, tiny Trot from California, and Benny...


Deepika Bhalla

Visit the beautiful lanes of India to meet the wonderful hands that create magic with three stories about the extraordinariness of the people assumed ordinary. ...


Zayn and Zoey

Zayn and Zoey are visiting the Savanna in Tanzania for their summer vacation. They are excited to explore the flora and fauna of the grasslands in Africa. JO...



Brock, like most kids his age, loved Dinosaurs. Anything to do with Dinosaurs in fact. Brock even daydreamed about being able to see and play with real-life Din...


Manmohan Sadana , Riddhima Sen , Sanjai Banerji

Pinky Mehra depicts the superhero within each one of us - shining through in the seemingly ordinary moments of daily life. This inner hero emerges when we face ...