Stress-Free Living

Trevor Powell


In Circulation

Explains the sources and signs of stress and offers advice on how to live a stress-free life by learning how to relax, think rationally, and say "no".

What will you learn from this book

  • Understanding Stress: Provides insights into the causes and effects of stress on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • Mindfulness Practices: Introduces mindfulness-based techniques for reducing stress, such as meditation, deep breathing, and body scan exercises.

  • Stress Management Strategies: Offers practical strategies for managing stress in everyday life, including time management, prioritization, and setting boundaries.

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Emphasizes the importance of a balanced lifestyle, including regular exercise, nutritious diet, and adequate sleep, in combating stress.

  • Cognitive Techniques: Discusses cognitive-behavioral techniques for changing negative thought patterns and promoting positive thinking.

  • Relaxation Techniques: Provides relaxation exercises, such as progressive muscle relaxation and visualization, to induce a state of calmness and relaxation.

  • Workplace Stress: Addresses stress in the workplace and offers strategies for creating a supportive and stress-free work environment.

  • Emotional Resilience: Focuses on building emotional resilience and coping skills to deal with challenges and setbacks effectively.

  • Social Support: Highlights the importance of social connections and support networks in managing stress and promoting well-being.

  • Self-Care: Encourages self-care practices as essential for reducing stress, nurturing oneself, and maintaining overall health and happiness.

Language English
ISBN-10 0789451190
ISBN-13 9780789451194
No of pages 144
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
Published Date 01 Jan 2001

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