The Engaged Customer: The New Rules of Internet Direct Marketing

Hans Brondmo



In the age of the Internet, how do you keep your customers coming back--again and again--when your competitors are always just one click away? How do you turn casual, anonymous surfers into profitable, "engaged" customers?

The answers to these questions can be found in The Eng@ged Customer, written by Hans Peter Brondmo, one of the Internet's best known and most successful direct marketing experts. In this new marketing classic Brondmo introduces readers to the new rules of Internet direct marketing and shows them how to use email to build service rather than marketing relationships.

A visionary in both the technology and marketing arenas, Brondmo has shown more company executives than anyone how to build lasting, profitable, one-on-one relationships with customers on the Internet. His client list includes such household names as Palm, Hewlett-Packard, Victoria's Secret, Amtrak, Wells Fargo Bank, OfficeMax, Wegmans Food Markets, as well as such Internet leaders as CDNow, E-Trade,,, and

The Eng@ged Customer makes Brondmo's expertise available to executives, managers, and marketers in both Old and New Economy businesses. The book combines a strategic perspective with tactical guidance, showing where and how to invest in order to build an Internet direct marketing program, and how to plan, develop, and implement your program for maximum success.

While sending email messages to customers may sound like a simple process, retailers and marketers all over the world have discovered just how difficult it is to do it well. Let Brondmo show you how to

  • design email communications and marketing programs that have your customers complaining if they don't hear from you
  • understand and manage customer information so that you can "get to know" each and every customer--even if you've got millions
  • avoid spam and the potential nightmare of privacy violations
  • anticipate the organizational impact of customer-focused Internet direct marketing
  • define, measure, and track your success.

Whether you are an executive or a manager, The Eng@ged Customer will show you:

  • how to keep your customers coming back
  • how to rise above the increasing Internet clutter
  • how to become the trusted voice that your customers rely on.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Customer Engagement: The book likely emphasizes the importance of engaging customers actively, creating meaningful interactions and connections through internet marketing strategies.

  2. Understanding Online Behavior: Brondmo may delve into the nuances of customer behavior in the online space, providing insights into how customers interact with brands and make purchasing decisions.

  3. New Rules of Direct Marketing: The book may outline updated principles and strategies for effective direct marketing in the digital age, considering shifts in consumer expectations and technology.

  4. Personalization: Personalized marketing is often a key aspect of engaging customers. Brondmo might discuss techniques for tailoring marketing messages and offers to individual preferences.

  5. Multichannel Approach: Given the focus on internet marketing, the book may advocate for a multichannel approach, incorporating various online platforms to reach and engage a broader audience.

  6. Data-Driven Marketing: Utilizing data for targeted and informed marketing campaigns could be a central theme. Brondmo may discuss the role of analytics and data-driven insights in shaping marketing strategies.

  7. Building Customer Loyalty: Engaged customers are more likely to become loyal customers. The book might provide strategies for fostering loyalty through internet marketing efforts.

  8. Social Media Strategies: Social media is a powerful tool for customer engagement. The book may offer insights into effective social media strategies for building and maintaining customer relationships.

  9. Evolving Technologies: As the title suggests "new rules," Brondmo may discuss how emerging technologies, such as AI or machine learning, impact internet direct marketing and customer engagement.

  10. Measuring Success: The book likely covers methods for measuring the success of internet marketing campaigns, whether through metrics like click-through rates, conversions, or other key performance indicators.

Language English
ISBN-10 0066620791
ISBN-13 9780066620794
No of pages 257
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Book Publisher Harper Paperbacks
Published Date 23 Jul 2002

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