In search of Love By Ehsaan Nashad

Ehsaan Nashad


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"We are not friends, but let's just pretend," she said.
"Is that why you are telling me all this?" I asked her.
"Precisely because we don't know each other at all and I have no one else to talk to," she said in a lowered voice.
"Ok please let me not stop you. Consider me as your friend"

In search of Love, revolves around the deep down insecurities within oneself, the fear of losing someone we care about and the bleak hope that one sees when faced with adversities. The fable is about twelve women in the life of Rehaan.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789350880944
ISBN-13 9789350880944
No of pages 248
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Mahaveer Publishers
Published Date 01 Dec 2016

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