I Will Not Regret Losing You

Abhishek Agrawal





Aratya, a guy next door comes from the land of dreams, kota. his strong and righteous character made him unique from other teenagers of his age. but he does a mistake and falls in love with Rithima who reciprocates as well.

It seems that life has become beautiful for them, but then life does not always go by our plans. and the two lovers get separated.
but life has to move on, so Aratya tries to overcome his feelings by finding solace in friendship. Gaurav and Rohit become his best friends. he willingly takes every possible risk to help his friends in their time of distress. he had once read that friendship is a ship which never drowns, but life is not a fiction.

meanwhile he met Riyankaa online and started liking her as a friend. though he was infatuated, the feeling of love was not on his mind. but riyankaa had sat her heart on him. She proposes to him but he rejects. later one day he gets to know that riyankaa has met with a car accident and asks his friends for help.

will his friends help him?

will he be able to meet Riyankaa?

i will not regret losing you- the true saga of the dark and complex cobwebs of relationships in today's fake and treacherous world.

Language English
ISBN-10 8192932486
ISBN-13 9788192932484
No of pages 208
Book Publisher Red-Ink Publishers
Published Date 01 Jan 2014
Audio Book Length 05:57:09

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Author : Abhishek Agrawal


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