Ascent: A Practising Manager's Growth Mantra

Amit Chatterjee


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Ascent: A Practicing Manager's Growth Mantra is a self-help book written by Amit Chatterjee. According to the author, a person can excel beyond his expectations by following certain methods. He says that a manager without an MBA degree or a job in a reputed company can still achieve great success as a leader. His provocative book incites managers to work on their own volition. By using one's own intelligence and inner qualities one can become a leader from a manager, is the central point of the book.

It offers unique illustrations and graphs for a better understanding. The approach followed by the author is extremely clear and direct. Also, intensive practices are provided for becoming leaders. These practices show the path of growth from a manager to a leader.

Ascent: A Practicing Manager's Growth Mantra was published by Random House India in the year 2014 and it is in paperback.

Language English
ISBN-10 9788184006230
ISBN-13 9788184006230
No of pages 187
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Random House
Published Date 31 Jul 2014

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Author : Amit Chatterjee


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