Tramp 05 - The Way to Pointe-Noire

Jean-Charles Kraehn , Patrick Jusseaume



Yann Calec is back as the latest volume of “Tramp” kicks off a new cycle! A posting as first mate takes him down Africa’s west coast, aboard a steamer whose captain is a petty tyrant with a terrible temper. Calec grins and bears it, but trouble has a way of finding him. When the captain’s rotting corpse is discovered on the ocean floor, Calec is thrown into the middle of a murder investigation. Add on a shark attack, unruly Krumen cargo-loaders, a mysterious nun, and illicit diamonds… Soon Calec’s wishing he stayed home with his wife and child!

Language English
No of pages 50
Book Publisher Open Door Publications
Published Date 20 Mar 2019

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