Is That Your Hand in My Pocket? : The Sales Professional's Guide to Negotiating

Tom Parker , Ron J. Lambert


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Is That Your Hand in My Pocket? Teaches the secrets of negotiation, addressing the process from the establishment of power to closing a deal. Relationship selling may not be as dead as disco (yet), but it needs to get its affairs in order. More and more often, large companies are looking at those cozy vendor relationships that their buyers have, and they are wondering if all that warm, fuzzy, win-win attitude isn't costing them a few points at the bottom line. If you aren't dealing with career purchasing people yet, you owe it to yourself to prepare for the day when you will have to. In the happy event that your industry is not moving in that direction, this book will make you a more effective negotiator inside and outside your company. This book is dedicated to hardworking sales professionals everywhere. 

What will you learn from this book

  1. Understanding Negotiation Dynamics:

    • The book may provide insights into the dynamics of negotiation, including the psychology of decision-making and the factors that influence successful negotiations.
  2. Building Rapport:

    • Effective negotiation often begins with building rapport. The book may emphasize the importance of establishing a positive relationship with counterparts.
  3. Preparation and Planning:

    • Successful negotiations are often rooted in thorough preparation. The book may guide sales professionals on how to research, plan, and strategize before entering negotiations.
  4. Effective Communication:

    • Communication skills are vital in negotiations. The book might provide tips on clear and persuasive communication to convey ideas and goals effectively.
  5. Creating Win-Win Solutions:

    • The focus may be on creating mutually beneficial outcomes. The book might guide professionals on finding solutions that meet both their objectives and the needs of the other party.
  6. Handling Objections:

    • Negotiations often involve overcoming objections. The book may offer strategies for addressing concerns and objections in a constructive manner.
  7. Adapting to Different Negotiation Styles:

    • People have various negotiation styles. The book might explore different negotiation styles and provide guidance on adapting strategies accordingly.
  8. Emotional Intelligence in Negotiation:

    • Understanding and managing emotions in negotiation could be a key theme. The book may discuss the role of emotional intelligence in building rapport and reaching agreements.
  9. Closing Deals Effectively:

    • The art of closing deals is a crucial aspect of negotiation. The book may offer techniques for confidently and successfully concluding negotiations.
  10. Learning from Experience:

    • Real-world examples and case studies may be used to illustrate successful negotiation strategies. The book might encourage professionals to learn from both successes and challenges.
Language English
ISBN-10 8131723704
ISBN-13 9788131723708
No of pages 256
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Book Publisher Pearson Education
Published Date 01 Jan 2008

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