A Mythical Odyssey (Filipino Edition)

Elvina Reyes



“To see is to believe.” Sandra Francisco is a college stundent who hates fairytales and such. She hates things which is connected to something magical especially, greek mythologies. For her, it’s just an illusion and people should not fantasize. Who believes in magic nowadays?

Maybe kids and teenagers, but not Sandra. But things suddenly changed when she lost her consciousness after she read the magical poem between the pages of that weird book she found at the museum. When she woke up, she found herself in the middle of the forest with her bag and her phone to carry. Then, she met a man dressed like a knight. He takes her to a castle.

But that’s not just any other place. It has things which she’s not familiar, weird people who call themselves as gods and creatures she hasn’t seen before. A magical world that awaits her where all the secrets lies within. What if that one magical moment is all it takes to change Sandra’s perspective about believing extraordinary things? Will you join her as she uncovers the world of unseen creatures?

Language Filipino
No of pages 196
Book Publisher Ukiyoto Publishing
Published Date 03 Oct 2021

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Author : Elvina Reyes


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