Whale Done! The Power Of Positive Relationship.

Ken Blanchard , Thad Lacinak



What do your colleagues, spouse and kids have in common with a five-ton killer whale?

This work explains that both whales and people perform better when you accentuate the positive. It shows how using the techniques of animal trainers - specifically those responsible for the killer whales of SeaWorld - can supercharge your effectiveness at work and at home. It explains the difference between 'GOTcha' (catching people doing things wrong) and 'Whale Done!' (catching people doing things right).

Language English
ISBN-10 1-85788-326-8
ISBN-13 978-1857883268
No of pages 127
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Nicholas Brealey
Published Date 06 Mar 2003

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Author : Thad Lacinak

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