The Terminator - 2029

Zack Whedon



Written by Zack Whedon. Art by Andy MacDonald and Dan Jackson. Covers by Massimo Carnevale. The year is 2029. It's the year that John Connor, leader of the Resistance, sends Kyle Reese to 1984 to save Sarah Connor from a T-800 with a grudge. But before all of that happened, Kyle Reese was just another man fighting to survive in a world overrun by a technology that had taken on a life of its own and annihilated civilization.

Who was Kyle before he met John Connor and was thrust through time to face off with a T-800 and fall for a waitress with a destiny? And who were his comrades in arms? In this three-issue series we'll meet Kyle Reese and his closest allies as they take on T-600s, T-800s, and HKs, in a world where there is little in the way of food, water, or hope.

Language English
No of pages 79
Book Publisher Open Door Publications
Published Date 01 Jan 2010

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Author : Zack Whedon


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