Assassination Nation

Ehaan Nawaz



Zack Morales was an ordinary boy. In fact his life was so ordinary that he was bored; he was someone who liked a bit of adventure.
But, he had not expected his wish to be granted so soon.
One morning, Zack was walking to school when he saw his brother, Troy Morales, lurking suspiciously under a bridge. Zack decided to follow his brother and find out what he was up to. Little did Zack know that his big brother was part of an illegal organization that was made up of Assassins.
The organization was named ‘Assassination Nation’

Zack soon found out that the organization was not bad but, an organization intent on doing good. Due to various circumstances Zack found his way into the world of Assassins as an assassin himself. He decided to devote himself to the organization and wished to become a great assassin.

Now, he was not an ordinary boy but, a great assassin in the making. He soon found his best friend at Assassination Nation, Andrea Vales, who was a descendant of the AN’s royal family and Nick Dyne, a very high ranked assassin with a good sense of humour.

Very soon Zack was assigned his first mission, but, it went rather horribly wrong when a crew of members from a villain organization suddenly attacked. These people were from an organization that was an enemy of AN. The organization was called Zankoku, A group of horrible people bent on bringing the end of AN.
Soon Zack learned the ways of assassins. He improved his rank at AN steadily and now passed his time learning new fighting techniques and doing missions. But, the question remained.
Would Zack be able to become the great assassin he wished to be or,
Will he be swallowed by Zankoku’s evil?

Language English
No of pages 193
Book Publisher Evincepub Publishing
Published Date 04 Apr 2022

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Author : Ehaan Nawaz


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