Blue Eagle

Sharada Kolluru



Neil Randhawa, a wine connoisseur from Italy, lands in New Delhi to fulfil a stranger's wish of offering a wine called Blue Eagle to God Kal Bhairav in Ujjain. But unfortunately, he loses the wine bottle worth four crore rupees as soon as he walks out of the airport. Therefore, he goes to a police station where he narrates his life involving his mother Rashmi Randhawa with whom he recently had a conflict that serves as a catalyst to the story forward.

At the same time comes to the police station, Moe Kyaw Somani, a young dynamic girl from Yangon after losing her 12th grade certificates while she was on her way to Lady Shri Ram College to give an audition, as part of the admission process for an under-graduate course in Political Science. So, she too narrates her story of three generations in Myanmar who have been yearning to bring a change in their country and in order to make that happen how important it is for her to join the prestigious college where Daw Aung San Suu Kyi had once studied.

Behind this exorbitant wine bottle and the top ranked certificates are the emotions of these two individuals who try to help each other with their purposes in life while something called love blooms between them slowly.

"An effortless read, captured the emotion of the moment even as it transported you there.....just like a fine wine."
- Magandeep Singh, Sommelier & Author

Language English
ISBN-10 9789390510320
ISBN-13 9789390510320
No of pages 416
Book Publisher Ukiyoto Publishing
Published Date 05 Jun 2021

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Author : Sharada Kolluru


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