The Must-Have Customer

Robert Gordman


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For almost forty years, Robert Gordman has been a successful business leader and consultant. In The Must-Have Customer, Gordman shares the same insights and strategies he has used to help dozens of companies---companies whose sales range from $10 million to $80 billion---achieve sustained, profitable growth.

The Must-Have Customer will show you how to keep your best customers (the ones who got you where you are today) and how to identify, attract, and forge long-lasting relationships with the customers you don't have---the ones who will take your company to the next level. Each chapter contains powerful questions and a process for asking them that will enable you to drive sales and increase profits year after year.

The Must-Have Customer describes how to assess your company's position in the marketplace and carve out a defensible "sweet spot" against your competitors. You'll find out how to recognize your must-have customers' rules for doing business and why some of your satisfied customers are former customers waiting to happen. You'll also learn how to identify your must-have employees and how they can improve the way you do business with your must-have customers. You'll learn how to create a ready-to-go strategic plan, and how to increase sales and profits by improving the effectiveness of your company's advertising.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Customer-Centric Strategy: The book may emphasize the importance of adopting a customer-centric strategy for business success, highlighting that customers are the driving force behind sustainable growth.

  2. Identifying Key Customers: Expect insights into how to identify and prioritize key customers – those whose needs and preferences align most closely with the offerings of the business.

  3. Building Strong Relationships: The authors might stress the significance of building lasting and meaningful relationships with customers, going beyond one-time transactions to foster loyalty.

  4. Customer Experience Excellence: The book may delve into the concept of providing an exceptional customer experience, exploring ways to exceed customer expectations at every touchpoint.

  5. Understanding Customer Needs: Expect discussions on understanding and anticipating customer needs, emphasizing the importance of staying attuned to changing preferences and market trends.

  6. Personalization Strategies: The authors might provide insights into the effectiveness of personalized marketing and service strategies in meeting individual customer requirements.

  7. Feedback and Improvement: The book may discuss the value of customer feedback as a tool for continuous improvement, guiding businesses to make data-driven decisions to enhance their offerings.

  8. Measuring Customer Satisfaction: Expect discussions on effective methods for measuring customer satisfaction, including key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that reflect the overall health of customer relationships.

  9. Customer Lifetime Value: The authors might touch upon the concept of customer lifetime value, highlighting the importance of nurturing long-term relationships for sustained business success.

  10. Adapting to Changing Markets: Given the focus on customers, the book may provide strategies for businesses to adapt to changing market conditions while staying true to customer-centric principles.

Language English
ISBN-10 0312351690
ISBN-13 9780312351694
No of pages 310
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Book Publisher Truman Talley Books
Published Date 18 Apr 2006

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