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Book cricket, beetle races, bows and arrows, inkball fights in school . . . Boys will be boys . . .

Witty boys, sporty boys, befuddled boys, mean boys. You’ll find all kinds of boys in these pages—there is a rising cricket star who finds himself dangling from a tree on the day of the big match; a grandson with a great-grandfather whose dark secrets appear from beyond the grave; a fat boy bullied by his classmates till he is helped by an unexpected person. There is also one who can’t tell left from right, much to his teacher’s fury; Amin, who faces up to a terrorist in the middle of a dog show; and Kari, who gets sucked into a parallel universe on his way back from the Principal’s office.

Favourite Stories for Boys brings together stories written specially for boys by the finest children’s writers in India—Ruskin Bond, Ranjit Lal, Shashi Warrier, Jerry Pinto, Poile Sengupta, Asha Nehemiah, Paro Anand, and many others. Funny, scary, exciting, thought-provoking, these stories for and about boys are sure to become your favourites.

Language English
ISBN-13 9780143330332
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Book Publisher puffin
Published Date 16 May 2007

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