SUN TZU Strategies for Marketing 1ED

Steven W Michaelson , Gerald A. Michaelson



Battle-tested strategies for marketing your product or service to victory! Millions of business warriors have been inspired by lessons from one of the world's greatest strategists, Sun Tzu. In Sun Tzu Strategies for Winning the Marketing War, the bestselling author and Sun Tzu expert Gerald Michaelson interprets the influential thinker's classic battle strategies specifically for today's marketing professionals by boiling down the classic The Art of War into "The Principles of the Marketing War," such as: • Organization of Intelligence: Know your market as well as you know yourself • Economy of Force: Assess accurately where you employ your resources • Simplicity: Even the simplest plans are difficult to execute Each principle is followed by strategic and tactical applications of the principle as adapted by the most successful armies of the world throughout history. The book features real-life applications of Sun Tzu's theories drawn from some of the business world's most successful marketing campaigns.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780070587458
ISBN-13 9780070587458
No of pages 244
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher McGraw Hill Education
Published Date 24 Mar 2004

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