Harvard Business Review: On Appraising Employee Performance.

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This collection is from the leading minds that have established "Harvard Business Review" as required reading for businesspeople around the globe. While often loathed by supervisors and subordinates alike, appraisals are necessary precursors of performance improvement. This helpful collection examines the employee review process from many angles, exploring why we dislike it, how it could be better, and how appraisals should differ depending on the employee in question. Whether concerned with retaining stars, guiding underperformers, or improving one's own performance-readers will learn to approach appraisals in new and more productive ways.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Performance Evaluation Techniques: Exploring different methods and frameworks for evaluating employee performance, including traditional appraisals, 360-degree feedback, and continuous performance management.

  2. Objective Setting: Addressing the importance of setting clear, measurable objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with organizational goals.

  3. Feedback and Coaching: Emphasizing the role of ongoing feedback and coaching in improving performance, fostering employee development, and achieving better results.

  4. Performance Metrics and Analytics: Discussing the use of data-driven approaches to measure performance, leveraging analytics and metrics to make informed decisions.

  5. Linking Performance to Rewards: Exploring the relationship between performance appraisal and reward systems, including merit-based pay, bonuses, and recognition.

  6. Employee Development: Highlighting how performance appraisals can contribute to identifying skill gaps and opportunities for training and development.

  7. Managing Performance Conversations: Offering guidance on conducting effective performance conversations, managing difficult discussions, and providing constructive criticism.

  8. Performance Appraisal Challenges: Addressing common challenges and pitfalls in performance appraisals, such as biases, subjectivity, and fairness.

  9. Continuous Improvement: Encouraging a continuous improvement mindset in performance management, evolving appraisal systems to adapt to changing organizational needs.

  10. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Discussing legal compliance and ethical considerations in performance appraisal processes to ensure fairness and transparency.

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Published Date 20 Jan 2005

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