Subaltern Saheb: Bihar And The Making Of Laloo Yadav.

Sankarshan Thakur



The updated biography of a man who will be news as long as he lives Laloo Yadav has ruled Bihar, first as chief minister and, since a scam broke five years ago, from prison via his illiterate (and reluctant) wife who replaced him, for fifteen years. In the time he’s been around, he has overhauled the landscape of Bihar, inverted the caste equation (he is what is known as 'a backward caste') and put the state through a period of jungle law and unimaginable corruption.

But he’s a complex character, and the personality we receive through TV is jolly and amusing and stridently anti-right wing–actually, he’s a master entertainer in only a way that a Bihari who plays to the gallery can be, witty, unapologetically rustic and willing to be risqué on English news.

Language English
ISBN-10 0330447300
ISBN-13 9780330447300
No of pages 224
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Book Publisher Picador
Published Date 08 Sep 2006

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