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Karen Morley



Lead Like a Coach offers powerful practical advice, based on compelling evidence, on how to lift your game for the benefit of the people you lead. Phil Turnbull, Executive General Manager, RACV

A delightful guide, full of important practical strategies for those of us who want to make a positive impact on stakeholders, our families and our communities… a must-read for anyone considering doubling their engagement score! Jovaline Lee, Senior Manager – Talent and Capability, Guild Group Insurance

Lead Like a Coach is a well written and considered book that brings to life practical insights and examples of how even an experienced leader can better connect, engage and bring teams on the journey to unlock their true potential. Michael Schneider, Managing Director, Bunnings

…an invaluable guide for all leaders – current, soon-to-be and ever-learning. Karen draws on her extensive background as a scholar, teacher and mentor to guide us clearly through the why, how and when of coaching. Professor Erica Wilson, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Southern Cross University


What will you learn from this book

  1. Coach Approach: The book advocates for adopting a coaching approach to leadership, emphasizing the importance of empowering and developing employees through coaching conversations.
  2. Listening Skills: It highlights the significance of active listening skills in coaching, including asking open-ended questions, paraphrasing, and empathizing with employees' perspectives.
  3. Empowerment and Autonomy: Lead Like a Coach promotes empowering employees and giving them autonomy to make decisions, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.
  4. Feedback and Growth: The book discusses the role of feedback in coaching, focusing on constructive feedback that supports employee growth and development.
  5. Goal Setting: It emphasizes the importance of setting clear and achievable goals in coaching sessions, aligning individual goals with organizational objectives.
  6. Strengths-Based Coaching: The book encourages leveraging employees' strengths and talents in coaching conversations, helping them maximize their potential and contribute effectively.
  7. Creating Trust: It underscores the value of building trust and rapport with employees as a foundation for successful coaching relationships.
  8. Coaching Culture: Lead Like a Coach advocates for creating a coaching culture within organizations, where coaching principles are integrated into everyday leadership practices.
  9. Emotional Intelligence: It addresses the role of emotional intelligence in coaching, including self-awareness, empathy, and managing emotions effectively in coaching interactions.
  10. Continuous Learning: The book promotes continuous learning and improvement for both leaders and employees, fostering a culture of growth and adaptability.
Language English
No of pages 15
Book Publisher i-Read Publications
Published Date 24 Apr 2024

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Author : Karen Morley


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