Prashant's - An Incredible Life Journey!!!

Mu. Ra. Seshadri



This is a sincere attempt by a 84 year old father of a brave son, Prashant, to share his lived experience on his son's extraordinary life journey. Prashant, a brilliant student and a perfectly abled boy was crippled into a wheel chair due to a botched up unconsultad surgery that left him paraplegic.

The book takes us through the unexpected life of Late Prashant - Driving into a hospital and coming out paraplegic; Completing his Engineering in the wheel chair against all odds of an unaccommodating college management; Working as a software engineer in India's top companies and finally fighting his own case in the Supreme Court of India and winning a landmark judgement against gross medical negligence! Discover the strength, the resilience and perseverance of Prashant's family who faced with calm, wisdom and solidarity an incredible journey!

Language English
ISBN-10 9789390040193
ISBN-13 9789390040193
No of pages 385
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 18 Feb 2021

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Author : Mu. Ra. Seshadri


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