The Fiery Killer

Shruti Priyaa



When the corpse of a young girl is found in a gutter, the CB-CID instantly knows that it is the work of the unpopular deadly serial killer called ‘The Arson Stabber.’ He mercilessly murders teenage women, goes underground for a few years and then reappears to continue his killing spree. He has a peculiar way of ending people’s lives. The police and the CB-CID had been on the lookout for him ever since, but he never gets caught.

Now that he has struck again after two years, will Detective Raunak be able to nab him? Or at least unveil his true identity before bodies start piling up?

Read ‘The Fiery Killer,’ to grapple with the twisted psychology of serial killers.

Language English
No of pages 100
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 10 Jul 2021

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Author : Shruti Priyaa


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