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Tony Buzan





This book is the definitive guide to Mind Mapping. Tony Buzan has changed the lives of millions with Mind Maps, his revolutionary system of note-taking that will help you excel in every area of your life. This practical full-colour book shows how this incredible thinking tool works and how you can use it to achieve your full potential.

The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps will help you:

• Come up with brilliant ideas

• Find inspired solutions to any problem

• Create more time for yourself

• Set goals and achieve them

• Motivate yourself and others

• Remember anything you want when you want

Colour illustrated throughout, this definitive guide is packed full of examples of amazing thinking tools and practical Mind Map examples, including running a meeting, preparing for an interview, starting up a new venture, planning family events, shopping for gifts, designing a garden, getting fit, and writing a speech for a wedding.

It can even help you plan your ideal future!


What will you learn from this book

In this summary, you will learn-

1. What mind-mapping means.

2. Why it is important.

3. Tips for making your mind map.

4. How to be more creative.

5. Benefits of mind-mapping.

Language English
No of pages 20
Book Publisher i-Read Publications
Published Date 02 Mar 2020
Audio Book Length 00:14:52

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