The Power of Physical Intelligence

Tony Buzan


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The latest book in the 'Power of' series, which comprises The Power of Verbal Intelligence, The Power of Social Intelligence, The Power of Creative Intelligence and The Power of Spiritual Intelligence, from bestselling author Tony Buzan.

  • Physical Intelligence consists of overall physical fitness, balance, agility and coordination, anticipation, reaction time, strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness.
  • It is a quality we all share. We can temporarily lose it – but it can always be regained.
  • By training yourself to be physically intelligent, you can become physically coordinated, balanced and poised. As you develop this intelligence, you will find yourself more able to play all and any physical sports.
  • The more balanced and physically fit your body becomes, the more balanced and mentally fit your brain will become. The two work in harmony.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Mind-Body Connection: The book emphasizes the deep connection between the mind and body, showing how physical health directly impacts mental well-being and cognitive functions.

  2. Brain-Body Coordination: Physical intelligence involves the brain's ability to coordinate and control the body's movements, highlighting the importance of activities that enhance this coordination.

  3. Exercise and Brain Health: Regular physical exercise is crucial for maintaining and improving brain health, enhancing memory, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

  4. Importance of Posture: Good posture is essential for overall health and can influence mood, confidence, and energy levels. The book provides tips on maintaining proper posture.

  5. Breathing Techniques: Effective breathing techniques can improve physical performance, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity. The book covers various methods to optimize breathing.

  6. Nutrition and Physical Intelligence: Proper nutrition is vital for physical intelligence, affecting energy levels, brain function, and overall physical health. The book discusses balanced diets and essential nutrients.

  7. Hydration: Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining physical and mental performance. The book underscores the importance of drinking enough water daily.

  8. Sleep and Recovery: Quality sleep is necessary for recovery, mental clarity, and overall physical health. The book provides strategies for improving sleep hygiene.

  9. Mindfulness and Movement: Incorporating mindfulness into physical activities can enhance the benefits of exercise, making movements more intentional and effective.

  10. Holistic Approach: The book advocates for a holistic approach to physical intelligence, combining exercise, nutrition, mental exercises, and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health and performance.

Language English
ISBN-10 0007147899
ISBN-13 9780007147892
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Book Publisher Thorsons
Published Date 06 May 2003

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