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Osho reveals more of his captivating vision for a new man and the new world. He shows how the current global crisis has created a sense of urgency that can help usher in a totally new way of living. Human beings will evolve and expand their consciousness; humankind will learn to take care of the world and love all of existence; a real women's liberation will create a real men's liberation as a natural consequence.

Touching on every topic of import, this book can be called a blueprint for the golden future. This new future will be a future of one earth and one humanity. This new world will be a real world, not just some utopian dream. According to Osho, the coming of the new man and the new world is unavoidable, just as unavoidable as the demise of the old.

"The new man is not someone coming from another planet. The new man is you in your freshness, in your silences of the heart, in your depth of meditation, in your beautiful spaces of love, in your songs of joy, in your dances of ecstasy, in your love of this earth…. You are not going to have a relationship with the new man because that would be a separation; all relationships separate. You are going to be the new man."

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Published Date 30 Sep 2007

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