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Keep an eye on your thoughts; they become your words. Keep an eye on what you say; it will become your action. Keep an eye on your actions; they will develop into a habit. Keep an eye on your habits; they shape your character. Keep an eye on your character; it will eventually become your personality.

A person can transform into a new personality, a healthy, prosperous, and successful individual; simply by thinking positively, speaking encouragingly, taking creative actions, developing good habits, and having noble character traits.

This book has the power to transform you into the best version of yourself, a new personality, and always a happy person.

This wisdom book is brimming with knowledge, experiences, ideas, and guidance. I am confident that it will assist you in: regulating your thoughts, making your words more intelligent, accomplishing great things, cultivating healthy habits, and being a wonderful person. It will also assist you in establishing a new personal reality for yourself.

I am self-assured that this book will be a turning point in your life, bringing you health, wealth, and success if you follow these tips sincerely.

Your holding this book indicates that you are already on the path to happiness in your life.

I wish you happiness at all times!

Language English
No of pages 150
Book Publisher Evincepub Publishing
Published Date 01 Aug 2022
Audio Book Length 00:58:17

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Author : KUMS T.S.


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