You are Magic

Dr. Seema Ashutosh Singh



All of us are born with some quality. It is quality of being a human first. Being an educator by profession. I have come across so many students’ parents and visitors. During My interaction with them I have listened to their stories and came to the conclusion that everyone has some magic in them which they need to know.. Some need just a push whereas some need to be guided and motivated. I believe we need to spread out that magic out. Keeping this in mind I have tried to spread some magic in form of My writing. I have worked on all the small aspects and tried to conclude what are the things needed in once life to spread out magic and motivate people. Tips for successful life, preparing yourself for success, positive approach, self-confidence, follow your inner voice, some examples are mentioned in the book for the readers to get upgraded and hope this book of mine will help them to chase their dreams to achieve success in life.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789390543663
No of pages 94
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 15 Mar 2021

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