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In Circulation
While trying on an antique wedding dress, Kady Long is swept back in time to 1873 Colorado, where she unites with a frontiersman in a way Kady never could have imagined. Her wedding fast approaching, celebrated chef Kady Long knew she was the luckiest woman alive...until she slipped into a delicate satin wedding dress she found in an antique flour tin and was overcome by an odd dizzy spell. When she came to, Kady was in the dusty western town of Legend, Colorado -- where a hanging was about to commence With quick wits and more than a little moxie, Kady halts the proceedings, much to the relief of one Cole Jordan, a tall, thankful, and "very" appealing man. Now it's Kady's turn to enlist "his" help to find a way back home. But before long, Kady discovers a passion that she knows can only live in Legend -- until Cole reveals a secret that unites them in a way Kady never could have imagined.
Language English
ISBN-10 978-0-671-00170-4
No of pages 404
Book Publisher Pocket Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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