Governing Business and Relationships

A. Parthasarathy



The detailed answer to applying intellect to business and relationships. How to correctly contact the world in all areas of your life. Swamiji has lectured extensively all over the world to some of the most accomplished business organisations and places of learning, including Harvard and Wharton. He has also been featured in Time Magazine as "the go getter's guru". This is the second title in an ordered series of nine written works by A. Parthasarathy. It is recommended that one read "The Fall of the Human Intellect" as an introduction to these concepts.

Deals with the basic concepts associated with the running of a business such as Value Systems, Work Ethics, Stress Management, Productivity, Leadership and Time Management. Also analyses one’s relationship with the world at large. The emphasis is on self development through study and reflection of the higher values of life rather than correcting the external world. Towards the end the book highlights a human being’s role in achieving the ultimate management by gaining identity with one’s own Self.

Language English
ISBN-10 9788190617963
ISBN-13 9788190617963
No of pages 203
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher A Parthasarathy
Published Date 11 Jul 2010

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Author : A. Parthasarathy


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