Understanding Shiva

D.K. HEMA HARI , D.K. Hari


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Understanding Shiva, written by D K Hari and D K Hema Hari, was published as a paperback by the Art of Living Foundation in 2010. This book is part of a series of novels, shorts, comics, documentaries and dramas that are aimed at preserving and spreading awareness of Indian traditions and customs to the general public.

Understanding Shiva tries to put forward the various stories and fables around this mystic God of destruction featured in so many Indian rituals. One of the holy trinities of Hinduism, this book tries to address various questions around this persona: a deity with many forms faces and depictions, it tries to collate and put forward various stories that relate to the Shiva Tattva – the concept of Shiva himself.

Taking a scientific Universal perspective in addressing this mysterious figure in Indian tradition, the book gives numerous perspectives on this character and his role in classic Indian mythology.

Key Features:

  • The book was mentioned in one of the spiritual lectures given by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
  • The book is also going to be part of an upcoming documentary by the Bharat Gyan foundation.
Language English
ISBN-13 9789380592220
No of pages 120
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Bharath Gyan
Published Date 01 Feb 2010

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Author : D.K. Hari


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