Stars In Your Eyes

Sunil Gera





Ranbir’s first film does not seem to fulfill all his dreams of making it big in the film industry. He has to run away from Mumbai to avoid loan shark. Somehow the problem of the money to be repaid gets sorted and he also launches his second film starring his love, Meera. The film makes him rich and famous, and breaks records at the box office.

Meera and Ranbir get so busy due to the success that their love takes a back seat. That’s when Meera meets Karan, a rich industrialist, who charms her away from Ranbir.

Ranbir takes Sunanda’s help to come out of the throes that Meera had left him in.

All goes well, till Meera’s fortune takes a dip. She doesn’t have a single role, and the rich scion also leaves her in the lurch. On the other hand, although Ranbir’s third film loses money, it brings him a National award for direction.

Meera makes up with Ranbir, who decides to take the best of both the worlds – Meera and Sunanda.

KJ, who has produced hit commercial films, is jealous of Ranbir’s rising fortunes. He hires a blackmailer for tarnishing Ranbir’s image.

Ranbir can’t manage the finance for his fourth film, which is an ambitious off beat project. He runs short of funds and therefore is compelled to shelve his film. The CM offers to help him financially for his offbeat film, provided he casts his daughter Veena in the lead role.

Meera at that time was cast as a heroine in KJ’s film. He doles expensive gifts on her and in a moment of weakness she consents to marry him. Sunanda goes to meet Ranbir one last time, the night before her arranged marriage. The photographs of that meeting give a chance to the blackmailer to threaten Ranbir again, and he has to pay a ransom the second time.

Not giving up on the easy money, the blackmailer named Badshah seduces Veena and manages to get her pictures and blackmails her as well. With nobody else to go to, and her father’s image at stake, she confides in Ranbir. He goes with her at the time of paying the money and realizes him to be the same person. When Veena finds that the blackmailer’s attention is away, she shoots him…

Will Ranbir help Veena in concealing this crime? Will Meera’s and KJ’s marriage last? Will Ranbir and Meera ever meet again? Read Stars in Your Eyes to know what happens next…

Language English
ISBN-10 9382665455
ISBN-13 9789382665458
No of pages 240
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 23 Aug 2015
Audio Book Length 06:37:1

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Author : Sunil Gera


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