Eminent Historians: Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud.

Arun Shourie



Tarnish every person, Institution, Period, Confidence/ Ascribe tolerance Magnanimity to the intolerant / Portray the inclusive, Open tradition as the one out to sawllow others, and the exlusivist, totalitarian ideology as the ideology of broad-mindedness, of peace, tolerance/denounce as 'communal' anyone who demands proof / blame victims for the consequence of the ideology of the oppressors / suppress the role of comrades in aiding imperial rulers / tarnish leaders, reformers who led the nationalist movement / all the while control institutions, hog patronage, exercise power, and have a good time...

Language English
ISBN-10 812910489X
ISBN-13 978-8129104892
No of pages 271
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Book Publisher Rupa & Co
Published Date 01 Jan 2004

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