Breakout Trading Made Easy

Sunil Gurjar


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Embark on a thrilling and rewarding trading journey with bestselling author Sunil Gurjar’s Breakout Trading Made Easy. Using his own trading experience, Gurjar reveals the power of classical chart patterns in a strategy that has not only multiplied his capital but also shielded it during static or erratic market phases.

Here’s your chance to explore the fascinating aspects of breakout trading and unravel the intricate dynamics of support and resistance—cornerstones of Gurjar’s approach—through insightful case studies illuminated by candlestick charts.

Gurjar’s expertise in trading shines as he unveils the art of identifying genuine breakouts amidst the noise of the market. Recognizing the nuances of a fake breakout becomes second nature as he guides you through practical examples and time-tested techniques.

This comprehensive guide on breakout trading equips you with the skills to set intelligent price goals and strategic stop-losses, crucial components in managing risk and maximizing rewards. With a focus on real-world application, Gurjar walks you through the fundamental principles and proven strategies, empowering you to make confident and informed decisions while dealing in stocks.


What will you learn from this book

  1. Understanding Breakouts: The book likely covers the concept of breakouts in financial markets, where the price of an asset moves above or below a significant level, signaling a potential trend.

  2. Identifying Breakout Patterns: Expect insights into recognizing breakout patterns on price charts, including common technical analysis tools such as trendlines, support and resistance levels, and chart patterns.

  3. Risk Management: The importance of implementing effective risk management strategies when engaging in breakout trading to protect capital and minimize losses.

  4. Entry and Exit Strategies: Insights into determining optimal entry and exit points for breakout trades, considering factors such as confirmation signals and price action.

  5. Volatility Considerations: Discussions on the role of volatility in breakout trading and how to adapt strategies to different market conditions.

  6. Backtesting and Analysis: The book may emphasize the significance of backtesting breakout strategies to evaluate their historical performance and make informed decisions.

  7. Market Psychology: Expect considerations of market psychology and how investor sentiment can impact breakouts, leading to potential profit opportunities.

  8. Applying Price Action Strategies: Insights into using price action analysis, which involves studying raw price movements, to enhance breakout trading strategies.

  9. Adapting to Different Markets: The ability to adapt breakout strategies to various financial markets, such as stocks, forex, or commodities, recognizing the unique characteristics of each.

  10. Continuous Learning: The book might encourage a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation, as financial markets are dynamic, and traders need to stay informed about changes and developments.

Language English
ISBN-10 8119153987
ISBN-13 9788119153985
No of pages 388
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Book Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Published Date 23 Dec 2023

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Author : Sunil Gurjar


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