Double Lives

David Heenan



Double Lives offers a new and more balanced model for attaining lasting fulfillment and achievement: the development of a second passion. This “Second Vocation” may or may not be a spin-off of your current career; it may double your income or simply satisfy your soul. Corporate Executive and business dean David Heenan teaches by example how can achieve spectacular success and happiness through the cross-pollination of a double life.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Versatility and Adaptability: The ability to adapt to different environments and roles is crucial for success in multiple fields.

  2. Lifelong Learning: Continuous learning and self-improvement are vital. Many individuals with double lives constantly seek new knowledge and skills.

  3. Passion and Purpose: Pursuing what you are passionate about provides the motivation and drive to excel in more than one area.

  4. Time Management: Effective time management is essential. Balancing dual careers or interests requires meticulous planning and prioritization.

  5. Resilience: Overcoming setbacks and challenges is a common trait. Resilience helps individuals to persist and thrive despite obstacles.

  6. Support Systems: Strong support systems, including family, friends, and mentors, play a crucial role in managing dual careers.

  7. Networking: Building and maintaining networks in different fields can open up opportunities and provide valuable resources.

  8. Focus and Discipline: Staying focused on goals and maintaining discipline in managing different responsibilities are key to success.

  9. Creative Thinking: Applying creative thinking and problem-solving skills can help in finding innovative ways to integrate different interests and careers.

  10. Fulfillment and Balance: Ultimately, pursuing multiple passions leads to a more fulfilling and balanced life. It allows individuals to leverage their diverse talents and achieve personal and professional satisfaction.

Language English
ISBN-10 8178092166
ISBN-13 9788178092164
No of pages 230
Book Publisher Magna Publishing Co Ltd
Published Date 01 Jan 2002

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