One Night @The Call Center.

Chetan Bhagat



‘One Night at the Call Centre’ focuses on the story of one night’s happening with 6 people working together at a call center in Gurgaon, India. At this particular call center, the employees are focused on giving technical support to American clients.

The 6 characters, Sham, Priyanka, Esha, Vroom, Radhika and Military Uncle are friends, who are all working on this particular night shift together.

In America, it is the THANKSGIVING time and the phone lines are ringing frantically. The call center receives one call from a very special caller, GOD. A call that alters everything.

Although, it is vastly based on this story of 6 characters, the book initiates with a train journey from Kanpur to Delhi. The narrating author meets a young girl on the train, who offers to narrate to him an account with a prerequisite that he will have to convert it into his 2nd publication.

The author hesitantly agrees. And the story is of that particular night at the call center in Gurgaon. The story is narrated through Sham’s perspective.

The narrations include emotions of lost love, disillusioned aspirations, lack of warmth from family, stress of patriarchal system and the work environs of multinationals.

The premises that this book contains include the quietness and reserved lives of the youth of modern India, inhibitions about career, marriage and family problems in a gradually transforming India.

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Language English
ISBN-10 1-291-0818-68
ISBN-13 978-8129135506
No of pages 291
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Rupa Publications India
Published Date 01 Jan 2014

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