Feminist Perspectives Towards Shashi Deshpande's Novels

Piu Sarkar



Shashi Deshpande is one of the most fascinating writers in the genre of Indian English writing to have addressed problems and issues related to women and society, breaking the traditional image of a woman as a daughter, wife or mother, exploring the inner psychological conflicts of a woman and making her women characters emerge as self-dependent individuals with a space of one’s own.

Through her bunch of wonderful novels Shashi Deshpande aims to highlight that everyone in this society should be treated as equals, as human beings; there should not be any compartmentalization on the basis of gender. Women should be given equal opportunity and weightage at par with men. This is possible only when women are independent in truest sense and they hold self-reliance and self-esteem.

As a writer of human beings in general and women in particular, Shashi Deshpande has wonderfully considered all these aspects in her writings with her ingenious narrative skill and creative spirit. This book has attempted to explore the journey of Deshpande’s protagonists in quest of an exclusive identity, which has the essence of individuality and self-confidence and which make them stand apart from the stereotypical tags given by traditional patriarchal society.

Amidst hindrances and oppressions of various kinds how Deshpande’s women characters come out of their shell to carve a niche for themselves by utilizing their potential and willpower has formed the crux of the book. Comprehensive and analytical in nature, the present book would prove an asset to students of English literature.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354903779
ISBN-13 9789354903779
No of pages 207
Book Publisher Ukiyoto Publishing
Published Date 17 Mar 2022

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