The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

L. Frank Baum



The wonderful Wizard of Oz, a ‘modernized fairy tale’, depicts the adventures of Dorothy, a young farm girl from Kansas, who is carried away by a cyclone to the magical land of Oz, along with her dog Toto.

She courageously decides to find her way back home and encounters many memorable characters on her incident-filled journey. The unforgettable characters in this tale include the cheerful Munchkins, the scarecrow, the tin Woodman and cowardly lion, Wizard of Oz, the good witch of the North and glinda, the good witch of the South.

Described as ‘American greatest and best-loved home-grown fairy-tale’ by the library of Congress, this book is a delightful story with many subtle life lessons. This edition includes time lines of the authors life and the original year of publication, which provide the literary, historical and cultural context of the book.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789389136623
ISBN-13 9789389136623
No of pages 240
Book Publisher Niyogi Books
Published Date 04 Sep 2020

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Author : L. Frank Baum

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