The Art Of Dealing With People

Les Giblin



What is the one trait that defines most of the successful people today? They have mastered the art of dealing with people. The Art of Dealing With People, written by Les Giblin shows individuals how to achieve their goals while handling the human ego by becoming a master conversationalist and making others feel better about themselves. This guidebook provides with tips and techniques for taking one's skills to whole new level. The main principle talked about here is how success is dependent in the understanding and mastering of the skills pertaining to human relations. The purpose of this guide is to provide knowledge that is based upon the concept of grasping human nature. For example - why a certain person acts the way he or she does. The methods presented here have been tried and tested on a large number of people. The book showcases the author's ideas of how an individual should handle people, get along with them and achieve what they want from them at the same time. The subject matter in the book is highly comprehensive and provides detailed knowledge on improving communication skills. Topics such as Understanding The Human Ego, Making People Feel Important, Creating a Good Impression and Criticizing Without Offending, among others, furnish the basic structure in this highly helpful guide. The Art of Dealing With People is a down-to-earth take human relations focussing on how a person should respond rather than how he or she does respond. Published on the first day of January 2001, Giblin's guide is a short read and is available in paperback.

Language English
ISBN-10 8188452009
ISBN-13 978-8188452002
No of pages 57
Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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