The Results-Driven Manager: Face To Face Communications For Clarity & Impact.



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The Results-Driven Manager Series Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver better results faster than the competition. But meeting today's tough challenges requires complete mastery of a full array of management skills, from communicating and coaching to public speaking and managing people. The Results-Driven Manager series is designed to help time-pressed managers hone and polish the skills they need most. Concise, action-oriented, and packed with invaluable strategies and tools, these timely guides will help managers improve their job performance today-and give them the edge they need to become the leaders of tomorrow. Face-to-Face Communication for Clarity and Impact Speak directly and confidently Assert yourself in uncomfortable situations Make a case convincingly Offer constructive criticism Use the spoken word more effectively June 21, 2004 - Los Angeles Daily News Brimming with practical advice.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Clear Messaging: Effective communication involves delivering clear, concise, and understandable messages in face-to-face interactions to ensure clarity.

  2. Active Listening: Encouraging active listening during face-to-face communication helps managers understand concerns, perspectives, and feedback from team members.

  3. Non-Verbal Cues: Understanding and utilizing non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions, can enhance the impact of face-to-face communication.

  4. Tailored Communication: Adapting communication styles to suit the audience's preferences and needs allows for better engagement and understanding.

  5. Conflict Resolution: Face-to-face interactions provide opportunities to address conflicts promptly and constructively, promoting resolution and understanding.

  6. Feedback Delivery: Effective managers provide constructive feedback in face-to-face conversations, focusing on specific behaviors and offering guidance for improvement.

  7. Emotional Intelligence: Managers need to exhibit emotional intelligence during face-to-face interactions, managing emotions and understanding their impact on communication.

  8. Building Relationships: Face-to-face communication facilitates relationship-building, fostering trust and rapport among team members.

  9. Storytelling and Impactful Communication: Incorporating storytelling techniques and delivering impactful messages during face-to-face interactions can enhance engagement and retention of information.

  10. Follow-Up and Clarity Reinforcement: After face-to-face discussions, providing follow-up communication to reinforce clarity, expectations, and action plans is crucial for effective execution.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2004

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