The Intelligence Edge

George Friedman & Meredith Friedman


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Knowledge is power, and today's age of information calls for new ways of attaining and controlling knowledge. Your business can get an edge over its competitors by being able to find essential information quickly and efficiently. Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or the CEO of a multinational corporation, intelligence gathering will play an increasingly important role in your business's strategic decision-making process. The Intelligence Edge provides you with tools honed by the world's premier intelligence-gathering professionals. The authors show how to use techniques perfected by such organizations as the CIA on how to find and collect, prioritize, and analyze data. They present a comprehensive system of information management that will teach you how to identify and target different sources of information, from the library to the internet to company gossip. Because some information is expensive or difficult to access, you will learn how to use your time and resources in the most efficient way possible. Then, once you have collected the information you need, you will be shown how to use it--what to store, what to discard, what to turn to your advantage. By following these steps, you can learn to compete and prosper in today's knowledge-based business environment. Whether you work for yourself or for a major multinational corporation, The Intelligence Edge will help you and your company to survive and prosper in today's knowledge-based business environment. Stay ahead of the information wave with: Techniques perfected by intelligence organizations Advice on how to find the information you need quickly and efficiently Methods on how to sort and analyze the information Guides to the best databases, libraries, and on-line services
Language English
ISBN-10 0-609-60075-3
No of pages 276
Book Publisher Random House
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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