Cashflow Quadrant

Robert T. Kiyosaki , Sharon L Lechter


In Circulation

This is one of the best of the Rich Dad Poor Dad audios. The core idea in this series is that being an investor or business owner gives one more freedom and a higher upside than being someone else's employee or being an owner-operator of a business. With vivid personal stories, the authors show that many people, including the author's "poor" dad (an educational administrator), choose working for others because of insecurity or misguided trust in organizations.

One builds true financial freedom by accumulating assets that make money, especially rental property. Though others have offered this advice, it's clearer and more potent here, and worth listening to many times if your financial insecurity or complacency needs a push.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-1612680064
ISBN-13 978-1612680064
No of pages 359
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Perseus Books
Published Date 01 Sep 2011

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