Why We Love The Way We Do.

Preeti Shenoy



The book, 'Why We Love The Way We Do’ deals with one of the most delicate issues of life - relationships. This is a collection of essays on relationships. This book discusses various aspects of relationships and helps the readers to find answers to their questions. Authored by Preeti Shenoy, this book reflects her trademark writing style which is full of insights complemented by a pinch of humour. It has been published by Westland publications.

Relationships take a toll on mental health and an unhealthy relationship can unsettle a person completely. Hence, it is important to handle relationship crisis with maturity and that's the wisdom Preeti Shenoy focuses on with this book. She showcases some of her trademark 'Shenoy humour' along with clear observation skills which makes the content engaging.

The essays in this book deal with various issues related to relationships like love versus lust, importance of sex, break-ups and possessiveness. Often people misunderstand the difference between love and lust and make the mistake of accepting lust as love.

Shenoy describes the difference between the two and gives invaluable suggestions and tips as well. Sex is a natural need of humans and is vital in a relationship. But is sex the first step of love? Is sex compulsory in love? Shenoy answers all these questions using her deep research.

Break-ups are hard to digest and demand the need of special counselling in most cases. The author astutely describes how a relationship failure is not the end of the road for an individual and that there's a lot more to look forward to. Apart from essential post-breakup tips, the book also deals with jealousy and how it has the potential to ruin a healthy relationship.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789385724183
No of pages 262
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Westland
Published Date 16 Nov 2015

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