Money And Mahabharata

Govinda Das





MONEY & MAHABHARATA by Govinda Das based on the utility wisdom of the great Epic will enlighten the readers on the concept of wealth, how to attain it, how to retain it, how to grow it and at the same time how to remain sober while it grows. Sri Krishna taught the Pandavas to be smart and good, sharp and sweet, assertive without offending and resourceful without being extravagant.

Hence, Sri Krishna is called Madhava or the husband of the Goddess of fortune. Therefore, whoever follows Sri Krishna’s teaching, will certainly be like Arjuna who is known as Dhananjaya, or expert in collecting wealth the dharmik way.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789381283745
ISBN-13 9789381283745
No of pages 136
Book Publisher Tulsi Books
Published Date 10 Nov 2020
Audio Book Length 00:50:04

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