Practising Spiritual Intelligence : For Innovation, Leadership And Happiness

Awdhesh Singh


In Circulation

Spiritual Intelligence refers to the intuitive knowledge of the self, others, situations and techniques to achieve the desired objectives. Hence it can be called the soul of all intelligences. Spiritual Intelligence enhances our power to inspire others by transforming their souls in such a way that their desires and aspirations are aligned in a single direction. Soul is beyond all reason and intellect. It is, in fact, the source of mind and intellect. One who knows his soul knows the universe, since soul is nothing but the microcosm of the universe. This book explains this body-soul continuum and suggests practical steps to evolve through the body-senses-mind-intellect to reach our soul. Welcome to this new path of spiritual evolution.

Language English
ISBN-10 8183283241
ISBN-13 978-8183283243
No of pages 228
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Wisdom Tree
Published Date 08 Dec 2013

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