Memoirs of a Boy

Banta Natung



iMemoirs of a Boy' is a touching story of a simple village teenager from a small town who comes to the city, to complete his high school and with hopes to find his girl friend. However, that is not an easy task. Yet, he believes that she is waiting for him too. In the city he starts partying, flirting with girls, drinking; all this becomes a habit with him. One day he receives a message from an unknown number that reminds him of his early days. Memories come back; of school days, of his village with its scenic hills, and its innocent villagers. The story takes you through the transition of a village boy; his dreams and first experiences with the Nuns, English, different types of people, and his journey from a simple village boy to the city. In this new city scenario, he faces an entirely different environment; drugs, cigarettes, a fast track life. iMemoirs of a Boy' is a simple story of a teenage boy's many ifirst experiences' on; love, proposal, his first kiss, Valentine's day ... Is the girl he loves really waiting for Him? Will he find his love? Or will he only cherish her memories..."

Language English
ISBN-10 9381836450
ISBN-13 9789381836453
No of pages 82
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 22 Jun 2012

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Author : Banta Natung


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